Why is everything that tastes good bad for me?

Is this just some cruel cosmic joke? Or are we all on a course of self-destruction?

The short answer is that you were designed for a different time and environment. For 99.9% of the time that humans existed, what tasted good was good for you.

What’s changed is food processing. Food companies have managed to discover what stimulates our taste, extract it from good foods and use them to sell us junk that tastes good.

The main tastes:

  • Sweet – sweetness is a good indicator that something is OK to eat – sweet vs. rotten – it told us that the fruit was ripe, the vegetable ready to pick, etc.
  • Oil – we need essential oils – that’s why they are essential – it used to be, if we got an oil and it was not rotten (rancid) it was good for us.
  • Salt – it used to be when we got something salty, it was a good source of minerals. A good sea salt (I recommend Celtic Sea Salt) contains 20% other minerals (besides sodium chloride)

The food processing industry has been able to extract these tastes and add them to worthless foods. This fools our tongue but does nothing to satisfy our bodies. This is a major cause of overweight – your body says I need more, the tongue thinks it is giving the body what it needs, the body doesn’t get what it needs and asks for more, and so the cycle goes.

So what can you do?

  • Get your sweet from whole vegetables, fruits and grains. (Because of the overuse of refined carbohydrates, many of us have trouble dealing with sugars. I will deal with this issue in more detail later.)
  • Use good oils – I recommend olive oil for cooking and flax oil for adding. If an oil has been processed to last indefinitely on the shelf, it is probably not good for you. Especially avoid hydrogenated oils – they are very bad for the body causing untold damage including cancer.
  • Use sea salt as needed.

So, the cosmic joke is on you. The food processors can take 2 cents worth of potatoes, deep fry them in another penny’s worth of fake fats and add artificial salt – and get you to pay $1 – and you can’t eat just one – what a racket.