Soda Pop – The Poisoning of our Children

Coffee is the drug of choice for adult Americans. Our schools are now pushing colas on our children. Kids now drink more pop than water. This causes bone weakening, obesity and diabetes. 

I just received Dr. Mercola’s newsletter – eHealthy News You Can Use – it is a free email once a week and I highly recommend it. He pointed me to an article in Mother Jones – Schoolhouse Rot about how our schools are increasingly turning to cola companies for funding. In return the schools push and promote the consumption of these very unhealthy products.

Well, what’s so bad about colas?

Lots of things, here are some:

  • Caffeine – an addictive drug, keeps you wired (hyperactive), contributes to high blood pressure, headaches and overall stress
  • Sugar – empty/refined carbohydrate, contributes to obesity, diabetes (now an
    epidemic), osteoporosis and reactive hypoglycemia with all its complications (mood disorders, sleep problems, headaches, etc.)
  • Artificial sweeteners – mood disorders and brain lesions
  • Phosphoric acid – leaches calcium, contributing to bone and muscle problems – osteoporosis, cramping

Well, what can I do?

I know this is tough, I’m still working on my kids (they are in their 20’s). Here are a few thoughts:

  • Be a good example – avoid these poisons yourself
  • Inform your kids – they may not hear it now, but eventually they will pay attention (peer pressure is often stronger than parent pressure, but they grow out of that eventually and start making wise decisions for themselves – that’s when they will remember what you have said.)
  • Complain to the schools – it is outrageous that they are feeding this junk to our children