Pain Free – Exercise your pains away

Pain Free – a book by Pete Egoscue is now available in paperback. It is the most checked out book in our clinic library. I have seen it cure chronic pains that nothing else would touch. 

Pete teaches you a series of postures and exercises to help reeducate your body. He has a theory of muscles that makes a lot of sense. The muscles act in concert to allow for coordinated motion. Through injuries, misuse or just bad habits our muscles will loose this coordinated motion. His postures and exercises are designed to reeducate and restore this coordinated motion.

Pete has a clinic in San Diego, California and he has an informative web site.

Pete has a new book –Pain Free at Your PC.  I haven’t read it yet, but no doubt it would be quite valuable if you work long hours at a computer.

I actually haven’t had a chance to read this book through. It is always on loan. I read his previous book – The Egoscue Method, which is directed more at professionals – more technical. His new one, Pain Free is organized much better and easier for patients to use.

If you are in any kind of chronic muscular/skeletal pain, you need to read this book.