Alternate Nostril Breathing

This is a useful technique for calming the mind.  In cases where your mind is buzzing with thoughts and you can’t relax.  It is often accompanied by anxiety.

The technique:

  1. Use your thumb and index fingers to alternately open and close your left and right nostrils.
  2. First, breathe in one nostril (closing the second nostril).
  3. Then, hold for a count (close both nostrils)- stop breathing for a few seconds – timing that is comfortable.
  4. Now breathe out the second nostril (closing the first).
  5. Now breathe in the second nostril.
  6. Hold for a count.
  7. Breathe out the first nostril.
  8. Repeat – continue for at least 5 minutes.

It helps balance your mind – get both hemispheres working together.  It is not a cure, but can be an excellent tool to bring you out of that crazy state.